We are proud affiliates of the Hyperstech brand.

Hi Tech Offer is an online electronic store that offers exceptional items at retail and wholesale prices. Shoppers also get the opportunity to shop for the latest devices and gadgets for categories such as auto, beauty, fitness, health and wellness, household appliances, accessories and wearables.

This site is not the official distributors of the Hypers Tech brand but an authorized affiliate that creates convenience for a seamless and exciting shopping experience. Visitors also get the opportunity to sign up for exclusive access to new arrivals while we provide a safe and trustworthy ecommerce platform for their shopping experience.

These are the reasons shoppers shop on this site:

  • They are device and gadget lovers and there are so many unique items to choose on the website
  • All items are shipped from China to anywhere in the world* at no additional cost
  • Every month there is something new and exciting on the site
  • The prices are very competitive
  • There is a reliable and effective customer service
About Us
Hi Tech Offers exceptional gadgets and devices

One thing you need to know

While we enjoy the flexibility and diversity of these innovative items, I must inform our visitors about the shipping schedules. Due to the location of these electronic items, products may take longer than usual to reach its customers. The standard time for delivery is 20-25 business days*. However, with a vigilant tracking program and excellent customer service team, logistics is another way to compensate for the delay.

Some merchants have express shipping options that offer next day delivery, however, this most times comes with a hefty cost. While our distributors acknowledge the demand for some items to reach its customers speedily, they do their best in maintaining a standard delivery time and ship free policy while promoting the features and benefit of the their brand.

We hope you enjoy our hassle free portal as we provide a digitally aesthetic atmosphere for our visitors to shop online.

Thanks Again!
Ossie, your Site Concierge

PS *Please check with your local shippers regarding items you wish to import as some countries have tight regulations on some items imported in their countries.